OMA 300 CEM system

Continuously measure the chemicals in a liquid or gas process stream using the future of industrial process analytics: the OMA

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Standard Analyzer

The default version of the OMA Process Analyzer is provided in a wall-mounted enclosure. The system is highly customizable including options for enclosures, wetted materials, and hazardous area classifications.

OMA-300 UV-VIS Process Analyzer from Applied Analytics on Vimeo.

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Portable Analyzer

The portable version of the OMA Process Analyzer is housed in an ultra-rugged suitcase enclosure, so you can bring analytics from site to site with confidence.

Portable Sampling System from Applied Analytics on Vimeo.

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Rackmount Analyzer

The rackmount version of the OMA is designed for easy integration in analyzer shelters and laboratory settings. The system fits a standard 19" rack.

OMA-406 Rackmount Analyzer vs NDUV Gas Analyzer + Product Photos from Applied Analytics on Vimeo.


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OMA 300 CEM system



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